I wrote the prior post in a sleep-deprived haze, having spent all day in airports, then dreamed of Chicago and Mars-1 art. Also I am moving to Chicago this summer; I am pretty hellbent on this despite my lack of job prospects there (or anywhere!). Also also I really like Mars-1, even though his website is kind of horribly designed. I have a print of his called “worlds within worlds” over my desk, of which this is apparently the best image online. It is much bigger and more intricate and fantastic.

ALSO ALSO I HAVE TO START WRITING MY HONORS THESIS NOW. HOLY GOD. Here is the poet I am writing a whole bunch of pages on! He is a cantankerous fellow whose website is also very poorly-designed, though he certainly can’t be blamed for that, as he died the year I was born. Yes. Good morning.


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