here are some lists:

Paul Simon’s “Graceland,” Rearranged in Descending Order of My Preference for its Tracks

  1. The Boy in the Bubble
  2. All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints
  3. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
  4. Graceland
  5. You Can Call Me Al
  6. Under African Skies
  7. Crazy Love, vol. 2
  8. That Was Your Mother
  9. I Know What I Know
  10. Gumboots
  11. Homeless

Man, I love this album, but I am just not wild about Paul Simon’s Africa fetish. I’m also not really wild about that synth part in You Can Call Me Al that sounds just like the Seinfeld riff. I wonder if that only makes sense to me. Also:

Things I Plan to Do Tomorrow, In Descending Order of How Much I Want to Do Them

  1. 1. attend salon, if it’s on
  2. 2. listen to some songs a lot
  3. 3. anything imaginable other than #5
  4. 4. no, seriously, I’d prefer several simultaneous root canals to #5
  5. 5. go back to school for the final semester of my undergraduate career.

So, hot damn.


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