So when I said HOLY CRAP a couple posts down re: Cory Doctorow, it was because I’m introducing him. What the hell. What is going on in my life that I get to say words about Cory Doctorow in a room in front of people. Anyway, it would be good to see friendly faces as I do this public speaking nonsense (of which I am THOROUGHLY UNAFRAID!), so come if you can.

I just coined a new portmanteau: sarcapslock. It is sarcastic caps-lock! This is more valuable than every word I have written about Philip Larkin tonight! My brain is a soupy miasma, an alphabet-soupy miasma, and the letters all somehow arrange themselves to spell “liminality” and various slang for genitalia. I do not know whether to be more terrified of misquoting my sources or of accidentally typing “DONGS DONGS DONGS AND ALSO BOLLOCKS” over and over in this Serious Academic Treatise.

(Also I said Cory’s talk is tomorrow but it’ll technically be today, February 22. It is in my favorite campus building! Free Culture has free stuff for you! Maybe someone’s reading this! Oh, blog desperation!)


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