torridly: the resurrection

At long last, nearly half a year later, I’ve redesigned and am ready to write here again. Sometimes neglect of something (a blog, a room in need of cleaning, etc.) gains inertia and becomes nearly impossible to correct. Now that I’m establishing myself in Chicago, now that I’m surrounded with the surprises that come with finding myself in roughly the Life Situation I’ve always wanted, I reckon I ought to be chronicling it for someone’s potential reading pleasure. Also there are clearly not enough pictures of disused train tracks and peeling paint on the internet and so I have added mine, prominently, up there in the header.

So: hooray! There is a lot to cover, but part of that Life Situation involves a day job, and it’s late. There are also a few edits I’ll make to finish up the site: you should probably let me know if, miraculously, you are still reading this and want me to link you in the sidebar again, because I lost those.

This redesign has been brought to you by nickd, who amazingly transformed it from a drawing in my moleskine into the internet and its waves of information, various fancy beers that he drank during this transformation, and the latest Stars of the Lid album, And Their Refinement of the Decline, which he listened to while I yelled at him about how the font in the link images should dither. Look at those song titles! Man, those are some terrible song titles.


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