a winter story

Here is why I’m glad I live here:

Shortly after midnight, Nick and I were walking back from the El stop after seeing Tortoise, a band, and the Nebraska Rejects, a string quartet composed of some of our Chicago-dwelling friends from Nebraska. It had been snowing all day. Because I lived in the South for so long, snow is still very astonishing and wonderful to me, even when it makes the sidewalks hard to walk on and my toes cold and wet. The two of us had declared a snowball truce due to prior events (which involved some snow-filled pants and a lot of running around and yelling), but I was making practice snowballs and throwing them at street signs to see how they splattered.  I aimed for a street light at the corner of Damen and Division, which is a few feet away from one of the most established dive-ish bars in the city.  Moments later, nickd and I were embroiled in an impromptu snowball skirmish with three hipsters. We held our own quite firmly until they hailed a cab and sped away into the frosty night.ÂÂ

I totally fixed the sidebar links last night and was all ready to upload them when I got BSOD’d in the face. Tonight I am going to see Helvetica, which leave me with little time for computing. Maybe tomorrow!


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