stitching and things that rhyme with stitching

(Firstly, because I think it will somehow color anything else I write here tonight, let me just say that I have the Nouvelle Vague cover of “Just Can’t Get Enough” and “The Room Got Heavy” by Yo La Tengo stuck in my head on top of each other, and they coexist delightfully.)

So as I mentioned in the previous post, I learned how to knit, partly to steel myself against cabin fever and partly because, well, why not? It’s kind of harder than it looks, and when I tried to show my mom how to do it (because I figured if my friends could show me how to do it I could pass the knowledge along), I realized how much I am still sort of sucky at it. That is okay though, I can make flat cloths and also cylindrical cloths with some slight holes in them where I wasn’t very good at increasing. The latter is the one legwarmer I’m wearing here, which I’m rather enamored of despite its flaws and despite the fact that I haven’t yet made the matching one. It comes from a pattern on Craftster, which I modified slightly. (Also, have I mentioned that I have a that I am actually sort of using these days, mostly to save things that I don’t have time to read at work? Tag some sweet knitting patterns for me!?)

All that aside, a thing I didn’t know about knitting before I started doing it is that it gives the knitter a really good excuse to sit around in public places and listen to people’s conversations. Not that, you know, I like doing that or anything. Armed with needles and some extra-bulky yarn, I started going to a different Starbucks in the loop during my lunch hour each afternoon and establishing myself in a corner. Some highlights from these ventures:

  • Two people who come to the same Starbucks every day and have what sounds like a very friendly conversation entirely in Russian
  • Baristas analyzing the different types of cereal milk that various frozen Starbucks drinks taste like (whatever the green was that they had around St. Pat’s was apparently a dead ringer for Lucky Charms)
  • A pair of older ladies who, after having a conversation in very colorful language about what the Bush administration has done for the country, told me that if that was my second cup of coffee, I should be knitting faster (it was tea and the cup for the tea bag, but thank you for your concern.)

So I didn’t exactly hear any huge business secrets or tiny lovers’ dramas playing out as I stitched away, but it was still a good time, and now I’m nearly done with my second scarf. When it isn’t nasty out and I don’t have other errands, I knit outside these days. I’m also a bit under the weather, another good excuse to knit and to ramble semi-coherently about same. Ugh, my nose feels like congealed despair.


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