drinking the apple kool-aid

After many years of pining for one, I finally stimulated the economy like the government wanted me to and bought one of these things. Five minutes after starting it up, I was video chatting with my dad in Boston and the rest of my family in Charlotte all at once in a goofy little iChat box, and having a staggeringly high balance on my credit card for the first time ever was all worth it. Amusingly, as I type this, I am reformatting the hard drive on my old computer and reinstalling Windows after much consternation and many inscrutable prompts for a nonexistent administrator password. Seeing “Setup will complete in approximately 39 minutes” on the screen across the room as I type on a computer that set itself up for me in probably less than ten is amusing, in an “I want to rip out all my hair right now because how the crap-balls did this entire machine suddenly bite it and refuse to run the dang command line for crap’s sake” kind of way.

(Setup will now complete in approximately 31 minutes. Delightful.)

On to a topic that does not drive me into an inarticulate rage: knitting! Again! I am working on the leg warmer to match my other leg warmer, except each one has a different stripe pattern. I joined Ravelry, which is an incredibly wonderful and well-designed site. Geeking out about knitting and interface usability at the same time is a joyous thing.

Also, in case you are one of the folks who suggested a name for my computer or are curious about the absurd names I have for electronics, I compromised between my two favorite suggestions and called it Eulalie Eameschair. This, of course, is because of modernist furniture design and P.G. Wodehouse. Long live Eulalie!


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