two unpleasant places to be bitten by bugs

  • the arch of the foot
  • the direct-ass center of the chin

Summer is here! Again! Some more! I’ve spent some of it lying under a tree on a blanket and reading, which is generally my favorite way to spend my uncommitted time in good weather. I am reading The Death and Life of Great American Cities, which strikes me as astonishingly relevant, considering that it was written and published nearly half a century ago. It’s beginning to explain why my neighborhood is the way it is, and why it sucks to be downtown after 5 pm ever, and why Millennium Park is such a neat thing to have around. I could expand on that, or I could go the lazy and inarticulate route and say read the book. People should read that book, especially people who live in cities, or people who think that living in cities is a scary prospect.

A thing that I like that happened in a city that I live in is that I found a mix CD in a newspaper bin, and its tracklist on a website. I always enjoy when the internet and the actual world commingle and cross over and it is for the purposes of creativity and connection, rather than bogus viral marketing and such. Being marketed to is tiresome, but finding unexpected neat things that have nothing more to say than “here is some neat music” or “you are beautiful“? That will always be rad.


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