think of the houseplants

The thing seems to have happened again where I keep thinking that maybe the next night I will write a post, and then suddenly it is a month after I started thinking that and there’s no new post here. I did change the picture up top, though, from some train tracks to some people at a carnival. And then I went on a long train journey, and then I started reading Dead Souls on top of The Death and Life of Great American Cities for some reason, and I got some new cameras and started shooting film again. Et cetera, et cetera. All of these things have merit, as does nickd’s begging of me to write that post about Les Savy Fav that I promised. They will be gotten to! Seriously, I am setting goals here. More words will spring forth from my keyboard onto the internet within a week, or you can come over and, I dunno, yell at my wilting houseplants or something. I don’t want anyone to kick them while they’re down, and they’re getting down as the days get shorter.


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