so here's the deal

I decided not to move this site to tumblr because there isn’t really a built-in mechanism for commenting there. Even though 19 out of 20 comments I get are about cheap viagra or hot teen sex, the 20th is invariably worthwhile, and I have a fancy robot that eats the rest of them. I did, however, set tumblr up as my supplementary craft-blog-thing and that’s working out so far. If you like to hear about knitting and sometimes also cooking and sewing and how much I like the Dirty Projectors, check it out.

Let’s see, what’s new. I went to Portland, my first foray west of the Midwest (aside from three days in Texas once). They have hooks to hang up your bike on the trains there, which immediately impressed me. I am far too familiar with trying to balance a bicycle against my legs while also not falling over in an el car. (I am not that good at not falling over on my own, so motion and heavy, unbalanced loads certainly do not help matters.) Also the only town I have been to that is nearly as pretty as Portland is Brighton, and that place is by the ocean. If Portland was further east, such that it would not be utterly impossible for me to visit North Carolina on short notice sometimes, I would instantly live there. Also: if it wasn’t the hardest place to find a job.

The other new thing I wanted to note is that once again someone else put the problem with writing more incisively than I could (see her #1 footnote and also the first paragraph of the post). As though unspooling the sentences didn’t feel fantastic on its own. And it’s not as though I don’t unfurl some sentences in my terrible handwriting in occasional letters and sometimes in twitters or in my journal, but there’s something to be said for sending them out to A Reading Public.

And so and but the final new thing is spring in Chicago hesitantly sneaking into summer. The change of seasons always feels so novel and surprising, like when you are a teenager and feel like all the things you’re feeling must be happening only to you, and no one could possibly understand how it is to feel them, with the possible exception of your favorite bands, and everything is extremely confusing but also sort of great.

I just compared summertime to puberty. Deal with it.


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