My name is Erin Watson. I live in a northwesterly section of Chicago, my favorite city in the world, where I read a lot of books, ride a lot of trains and bicycles, and generally rock out. I started this site when I was in college at UNC as a distraction from my thesis on the poetry of Philip Larkin, which should explain the excess of Larkin-related neurotic ranting and the long post-graduation absence (during which I relocated to the great Midwest).

The main things I enjoy aside from reading (and sometimes writing) are taking pictures, listening to music, and making things. This website is torridly.org because I do those things torridly, with an abiding passion, and has no connection to the plus-sized clothing label Torrid, of which I was not aware until moments after I bought the domain. “Torridly” is also one of my favorite words, along with “cacophony,” “liminal,” “miasma,” “palimpsest,” and way too many others to list. Long ago, I owned and ran a sporadically updated ‘zine-type thing at avocadosalad.org, but alas, that domain was pinched by robots.


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